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How Long Should I Have Diarrhea Before Seeing A Doctor?

Described as loose, watery stools that occur more frequently than usual, diarrhea is something everyone experiences. When suffering from diarrhea, you will have more frequent trips to the toilet and a greater volume of stool. Signs and symptoms of diarrhea usually last a couple of days, but can also sometimes last for weeks.  If your diarrhea does last for weeks it can be a sign of a serious disorder, such as inflammatory bowel disease, or even a less serious condition, such as irritable bowel syndrome.  Diarrhea houston, tx

You should visit your gastroenterologist if you experience:

  • Diarrhea that persists beyond two days
  • Dehydration 
  • Severe abdominal or rectal pain
  • Bloody or black stools
  • A fever above 102 F

By visiting your Vikram S. Jayanty, M.D. PA, you can find the reason for your diarrhea.  Whether it is a serious condition, or not, your gastroenterologist will help find you relief from diarrhea. Call (713) 932-9200 in Houston, TX for your appointment today!