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About 6% of Americans receive a colorectal cancer diagnosis during their lifetime — but colonoscopy can prevent cancer and even save your life. Vikram S. Jayanty M.D., the private gastroenterology practice of Vikram Jayanty, M.D., P.A., offers colonoscopy in their on-site endoscopy suite. Call the Houston, Texas, office or click on the provided link to schedule an appointment now.

Colonoscopy Q&A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a thorough exam of the interior of the large intestine (colon) and rectum. During this procedure, Dr. Jayanty moves a flexible thin tube through your rectum. The tube contains a miniature video camera and bright light.

The live feed from within your rectum and colon appears on a high-definition monitor, where Dr. Jayanty checks for problems and observes changes. He can diagnose problems and, if necessary, perform treatments like removing precancerous polyps to prevent colon cancer.

When would I need a colonoscopy?

Everyone needs colorectal cancer screening starting at age 50 (earlier if you’re at risk for colorectal cancer or GI problems). Regular colonoscopies, including removing precancerous polyps, can reduce your risk of colon cancer by 90%.

A colonoscopy is the most common method of colorectal cancer screening. But, depending on your personal health needs, Dr. Jayanty might recommend an alternative screening method like stool testing or a computed tomography (CT) scan colonoscopy. Still, colonoscopy is the most sensitive test for colorectal cancer, and it’s the only one that doubles as a treatment.

A colonoscopy isn’t just for cancer screening, though. You might also need this procedure if you have abdominal pain, a significant change in your bowel habits, bloody stools, or other indicators of a GI disorder.

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

Dr. Jayanty needs the clearest possible view of your colon and rectum during the procedure so that he can make the most accurate diagnosis and treat problems effectively. This means that you need to clean your bowels out in the days ahead of your colonoscopy, a process called bowel prep.

The bowel prep process involves taking liquid or tablet medication that brings on diarrhea, which leads to a thorough bowel cleansing. You also need to change the way you eat for one or two days before the procedure. Usually, you’ll follow a liquid diet with choices like clear juices and broth.

Dr. Jayanty provides you with detailed bowel prep instructions before your colonoscopy, and he might also temporarily change your medications.

Dr. Jayanty does colonoscopies on-site in his endoscopy suite at Vikram S. Jayanty M.D., making the procedure as convenient as possible for you. Call the office now or click on the appointment request link to schedule your colonoscopy.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer deaths in American adults today. Fortunately, it’s largely preventable and treatable. At Vikram S. Jayanty M.D., the private gastroenterology practice of esteemed physician Vikram Jayanty, M.D., P.A., you’ll receive comprehensive colorectal cancer care. If you need a colonoscopy or have worrisome symptoms, call the Houston, Texas, office or click on the provided link now.