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Vikram S Jayanty, M.D.

Gastroenterologist located in Houston, TX

In an effort to provide affordable healthcare to my patients I offer the following discounts:

Cash discounts for Colonoscopy screening and upper endoscopy includes professional fees, facility fees, and anesthesia services.

Pathology is billed by the Pathologist.

*** Please call our office to schedule and discuss pricing.


No hassle colonoscopy and endoscopy for High deductible and uninsured individuals.

1)Esophageal cancer is on the rise among white males and can be diagnosed early and prevented by ablating precancerous lining.  

2)Endoscopy is a test to look inside the esophagus and the stomach for cancers,ulcers, heartburn, and difficulty swallowing.  

3)People from East  Asia and Western South America are at increased risk for gastric cancers and screening has been shown to decrease the death rate. 

4) Colonoscopy is done to look for colon cancers in patients over 45.

5)  Colon cancer is one of the only two cancers that is PREVENTABLE by removing precancerous lesions and to investigate issues such as rectal bleeding.

6) Colon cancer is the #2 cause of cancer related death but the incidence is coming down because of colonoscopy screening.

7) Dr Jayanty's adenoma detection rate is 55%(ADR). The average is the USA is 35%.

8) Open access colonoscopy is available for age appropriate healthy patients after the initial phone consult. Diabetics,cardiac patients and patients on anticoagulants need to be seen in the office first.